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Rebuild your endocannabinoid system by using phytocannabinoid diols in a liposomal delivery system. Through the science of liposomal therapy, hemp oil can be directly absorbed for a full dose of phytocannabinoid diols. This is the most absorbed and the highest quality supplement on the market. 


Ask our customers about their personal journeys. Join our social media platforms and become a member of our Retro Hippie community of people. Hemp oil therapy is not just a  health supplement, its a lifestyle. 


Who is The Retro Hippie? She is a hippie stuck between a generation of elders...these indigenous hippies have been fighting for our rights to the cannabis plant for generations. Then we have a generation of the younger new age hippies. To these new age hippies it’s not a lifestyle it’s a way of life. These kids are smart. They have the facts, they know the truth and they are taking back their health, their planet, and hopefully their futures. 

So that leaves us...the hippies stuck in transition between the indigenous hippie and the way of life hippies. We are learning, we are taking steps in positive directions and making educated decisions every step of the way. 


The Retro Hippie was designed to share my journey. In the process of that journey, I have come to realise I’m not alone. So this website is dedicated to all the Retro Hippies out there that are learning a new lifestyle. The Retro Hippie lifestyle is for people that are taking back their health. We are learning how and why it is integral to preserve our planet. In our commitment to do our part we are incorporating daily habits and creating a lifestyle designed to go green one day at a time.


We are a slow and steady breed of hippies. The journey will be vast and it will be hard, but it will be the start of a better you which means a happy and healthier family, future, life...


Travel with me, walk beside me, let’s share this journey together.

It's not about finding a magic plant that will cure us...it's about creating a lifestyle and incorporating many of the healing plants into our daily lives. Cannabis is just one of many herbs that can ultimately change who you are, right now, today...there is no magic plant...just well-informed humans utilizing the facts.

This website is my journey...


The people I meet...


The connections I've made...

The trials and errors...


The battles ending in defeat...

The battles I've won

The army's to be forged...


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SickNeuronCells 1920x1080 copy 2

SickNeuronCells 1920x1080 copy 2

Cannabinoid Deficient Neuron. Neurons send messages to our bodies, when the neurons are sick and weak messages and tasks are jeopardized and our body’s malfunction. A deficient cannabinoid system creates sickness and disease.

Weed & Human Cells Banner

Weed & Human Cells Banner

Cannabinoids from cannabis, hemp (CBD) and marijuana, have receptors that match our endocannabinoid system to bring your body back to a state of balance, then it can begin the healing process. Learn more



Balance and heal in different quadrants of the body. When enough cannabinoids are established in the body the body will come back to a state of balance and healing

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Check out the retro hippie blog for all of your Cannabis needs, we cover political News and everything Nutritional. 

The Information provided by The Retro Hippie is for educational and informational purposes only. I do not prescribe and I do not claim to have any medical knowledge. The information on this site, as it pertains to illness and disease, are testimonials and therapy’s that worked for me, family, friends, and other clients.


Different diseases and illnesses will always render the human body deficient in some way, but each individual is a completely different set of problems and solutions and each will react uniquely.


Many people, in this day and age, are proactive with their own health and wellness. Always get multiple references of information before self diagnosing and dosing. Start with small doses and increase weekly. Know side effects and risks to watch for, along with health and healing benefits. Document your journey.   


The information provided on this site is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional advice or care.  If you are under the medical care of a doctor consult any nutritional changes under their guidance.

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