They say the 'Fountain of Youth' is a myth, I say its a practice of incorporating healthy habits. My journey is a battle for growing old gracefully. They also say 'you are what you eat.' This I couldn't agree with more. Here I share the best-kept secrets that work for me, don't financially break the bank, and once you make them a part of your every day healthy habits, don't even become a second thought. You can simply 'take back your youth' with two simple key componants, collagen and vitamin C...

Combat Anti-Ageing with Collagen and Vitamin C Therapy


Collagen and its natural roll in human anatomy


As we age our collagen production slows down, resulting in less elasticity in the dermis of the skin. Supplementing with collagen helps restore our body's natural supply, which becomes depleted as we age. Vitamin C is crucial in the absorption of collagen, they work we age we need higher doses of vitamin C as well. 


Combat Anti-Ageing with a Collagen and Vitamin C Therapy


Combating Anti-Ageing with a Collagen and Vitamin C Therapy can be done simply by adding a top-shelf quality college with a high dose vitamin C. I like a liposomal formula for immediate uptake, or a C isolate that also offers immediate uptake...below are my favourites.


  • Promix Marine Collagen 

  • Quicksilver Liposomal C 


So How Does Combating Anti-Ageing with Collagen and Vitamin C Work?


Let's get to the nitty-gritty of it. We start with the collagen, but vitamin C is important too, it assists the collagen. 


Take back your youth, and as a bonus…’ take back your health.’ That's right, not only does collagen and vitamin C therapy help restore elasticity in your skin, which ultimately smooths lines and wrinkles...but it replenishes the elasticity in your cartilage restoring health in your joints for renewed strength and flexibility. Which I felt in my yoga flows at about two weeks in. 



Combating Anti-Ageing with Collagen and Vitamin C with Topical Therapies  


Not only does this therapy work internally but using the combination topically yields more amazing results. Mix powder with coconut oil as an exfoliant: melt solid coconut oil and add collagen. Add a generous amount to cotton face pads and let them harden. Put them in a jar and keep them handy when you need a healing exfoliation treatment on your face. I love mine after a week of Retin-A or a lactic acid treatment. These pads will take off a layer of dead cells and replenish skin with the healing benefits of coconut oil. 

Keranique Micro Exfoliating Follicle Mas
Keranique Lift and Repair.png
Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Restructuring
Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Multiplying Vo


I use both of these products at the same time. Together with my vitamin therapies I have seen amazing results in my hairs strength, texture, and shine...not to mention the regrowth. Article publishing soon. Sign up for emails so you get an inside view when it publishes.  

Keranique Anti-ageing Shampoo and condit