I had been struggling with anxiety for close to 17 years…

Within the last few years, I was diagnosed with Depression…. I wish I had a nickel for every story that starts like that. I never believed I had anxiety and I wasn't buying the fact that I had depression either. Test after test, as much as my health insurance would cover, I pushed for lab work.  I saw many specialist...nothing, back to the clinical diagnosis, anxiety and depression. Pop a pill and see you in six months. Juggle pills, change Drs... the same diagnosis...with no factual lab work stating, without a doubt, anxiety and depression. So what do you do, like most Americans, I listened to my dr and I took my pills. Hating it every step of the way.


My journey to take back my health changed 90 degrees when a business associate pitched me a new network platform. The product of interest to me was CBD or cannabidiol. This smart business friend of mine knew I was trying to break into the marijuana industry without breaking the bank and causing any financial setbacks. I'm a single mom with four kids. So she introduced me to a business opportunity, and a product that changed the direction of my life. I'm a huge supporter of the marijuana industry and I've used cannabis for many years. I was just beginning to understand the importance of CBD, a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid in Cannabis and hemp.


I started to use the product. About five weeks in I had this wave wash over me, the only way I can describe it was a calmness. A calmness with a renewed excitement. It was nostalgic, I had a flashback of when I was a kid. I don’t recall any emotion like it since my childhood. I felt open and clear. I knew in that clarity I had to step off of my meds.


I made an insightful mistake, I didn't order my next bottle before I ran out of the first. About five days off of the CBD supplement I started feeling depressed again. I called my friend to mail me a bottle from her private supply. Our company was on backorder for weeks because of the high demand.  She overnighted me a bottle, a few days in and I was back on track. The meds that I had been on for years blanketed me with a synthetic depression. I was and still am 100% convinced.


I say back on track but it hasn't been rainbows and butterflies. CBD opened me up to a journey that I may travel for the rest of my life. But CBD is just the beginning. The next part of my journey was a huge battle to achieve and some of the worst days of my life. Under the supervision of my dr, I decided to step down off the medications I had been on for years. It was a year-long battle but I knew I'd win...I am now pharmaceutical free...but the journey doesn't end there. One Battle has been won but there will be many more. I will take back my health one battle at a time but I am destined to win this war.

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