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April 10, 2020

Call it Kombucha, fermented tea, mushroom tea, tea of immortality, booch, or just plain gross...but this beverage is a dose of health in a bottle. Although it's exact origins remain a mystery, it's been used medicinally for thousands of years. If your New Year’s goal was to create healthy habits I suggest you research a daily dose of kombucha. I consume one 12 oz glass per day, I make my own, and I create therapeutic dosing in my customized kombucha. But let's slow that roll, we can get to that later...first let's examine the healing benefits of...

April 30, 2019

There is so much content circulating the internet pertaining to Cannabinoids. These compounds seem to have become mainstream news overnight. But is it fake news? Can these compounds be the medical therapy to treat a plethora of diseases, or is this snake oil at its finest? How could one plant be a gladiator to slaying off so many diseases? The answer is simple, yes. The explanation is slightly more involved but very easy to grasp. There are cannabinoids in plants and humans. Humans are biologically formatted with cannabinoids and cannabinoid rece...

June 23, 2018

So I’m trying to dig up all the facts pertaining to the marijuana industry, particularly in my home state, Massachusetts. When you tally the facts and analyses the data, States that push forward have EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose. As far as the politicians that have been placed on the MA Cannabis Control Commision (CCC)...I don’t know the game plan but it’s absolutely not in favor of the people that they serve. If the decks stacked against you what are your chances of winning? Someone is cheating you, right? I’m thinking “sabotage”  is p...

March 17, 2018

The renewal of the Moon Phase means a time for rebirth, a time of cleansing, a time for reflection to determine your betterment of the goals you set out to achieve.  Look back at your New Year’s Resolutions, or to a promise that you made to yourself, and take another step in conquering it. Use the new moon to forge a battle to achieve your goals.

The wolf is my spirit guide this year....the wolf came to me through many twists of fate. I’ve already learned so much, most of which was not my original direction or intent, but through the wolf I’ve lea...

January 6, 2018

Whether your randomly searching, or if you’ve been surfing through the content on The Retro Hippie, you're here so the question must be...what is a Liposome, and why is liposomal therapy so important? Simply put a liposome is a nanoparticle used as a delivery system for cannabidiol (CBD), vitamins, antioxidants, and medications. Liposomes are small enough to break the blood brain barrier immediately without passing through your digestive tract. Liposomal supplements are the most efficient way to take back your health.

So now you know what a Liposo...

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