What is a liposome and why should I use liposomal therapy?

Whether your randomly searching, or if you’ve been surfing through the content on The Retro Hippie, you're here so the question must be...what is a Liposome, and why is liposomal therapy so important? Simply put a liposome is a nanoparticle used as a delivery system for cannabidiol (CBD), vitamins, antioxidants, and medications. Liposomes are small enough to break the blood brain barrier immediately without passing through your digestive tract. Liposomal supplements are the most efficient way to take back your health.

So now you know what a Liposome is, but why is liposomal therapy so important?? Liposomes are made from phosphatidylCholine. Don’t be intimidated or distrusting by the name... phosphatidylCholine is made from the same building blocks as our cell membranes. They are basically a lipid, and lipids make up our cells. Why is this important? Because liposomes can naturally penetrate our cell membranes and disperse the valued nutrient without disrupting the integrity of the cell, and without leaving toxins or synthetic carriers behind. Bonus, phosphatidylCholine is also used as a supplement all by itself, so not only does it make an effective carrier, it nourishes our cells at the same time. PhosphatidylCholine or natural lipids are biologically degradable and inert. Other forms of carriers, whether medicines or vitamin supplements, may not degrade or fuse completely resulting in synthetics being left behind. Likewise some may have adverse cellular interactions. Whereas liposomes simply transport a high dose of the intended therapeutic value, such as CBD, vitamins, or antioxidants cleanly into your cell membranes. Liposomes power packed with CBD are a clean, biologically safe way to enhance your health and promote healing.

So now you know what a a Liposome is, but why is liposomal therapy so important?Therapy is a more complex and targeted way to heal your body. To heal and become well we need more than supplements, we need therapies, liposomes are a part of those therapies. Liposomal therapy can directly administer CBD, vitamins, antioxidants, and yes medications directly into your blood brain barrier without them having to go through the digestive tract where strong doses are depleted into trace amounts. This means you do not get the dose on the bottle which makes it impossible to get into a calculated healing regime. You simply don't know what your body is absorbing so you can’t pulse your dose according to what your body needs. That is vitamin supplementation, trace amounts are good for the healthy individual but if you are fighting illness or disease you need something stronger, a lot stronger. Typical vitamins and antioxidants can’t do this. If your hungry for more information on liposomes read Benefits of Liposomal Nutrients by Hank Liers, PhD. This article penetrates the science, history, and future of liposomes in health and wellness.

Let’s recap: what is a Liposome, and why is liposomal therapy so important? Because liposomal supplements are the most efficient way to take back your health. It's important to always look for TRUE liposomal delivery systems when it comes to repairing and maintaining your health. Dr shade explains how to determine a true liposome from a less valuable liposome. Remember, you get what you pay for and you are what you absorb.

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