New Moon Magic; Reflection, Betterment, be the Wolf

The renewal of the Moon Phase means a time for rebirth, a time of cleansing, a time for reflection to determine your betterment of the goals you set out to achieve. Look back at your New Year’s Resolutions, or to a promise that you made to yourself, and take another step in conquering it. Use the new moon to forge a battle to achieve your goals.

The wolf is my spirit guide this year....the wolf came to me through many twists of fate. I’ve already learned so much, most of which was not my original direction or intent, but through the wolf I’ve learned to remain trusting in others. A wolf pack will stand beside each other no matter what. They will feed the hungry, heal the wounded, and fight with loyalty to the end. So the wolf being my spirit guide this year seemed so far off from my original journey but it’s not, it’s exactly where I need to be.

When I started my journey it was a solo mission by choice. I wanted to stand independently. I will never let the weight of another bring me down again. The wolf represents the strength I would need to possess; unwavering courage, the thirst for victory, and fierce determination to prevail over any obstacle that gets in my way. The wolf is not afraid of the fight...the wolf seeks it. Then why a spirit guide that is not an independent pillar of strength...The Wolf is only as strong as The Pack...

The significance of a wolf pack didn’t occur to me until the journey started. The wolf was all the things I had to embody to move through my journey. My journey was structured as a solitary mission because of my new found lack of trust. I used to argue about trust with someone close to me, someone that is no loner in my life… I believed in trusting completely until I had reason not to. He stood firm in the fact that trust was earned. After he was gone I started to believe he may have been right.

Maybe that is why I was so determined to face this years goals all by myself. So again, why the wolf? Why such a territorial pack creature, an animal that functions on trust, loyalty, and a strong commitment to others? Why the wolf for a journey that I was determined to conquer alone?

I know why. Regardless of the independence I seek I do have the strength of others around me, inherently within me, and unconditionally through my children. No matter how strong I become I am not alone; I belong.

I am part of a pack, I do believe in trust, and you don’t have to earn it because I give it to you freely

...just don’t break it.

Under the New Moon cleanse your sacred space in the physical world and within your soul, for tomorrow brings you the tools you need to turn obstacles into opportunities….