Stacking the Deck...Marijuana in Massachusetts

So I’m trying to dig up all the facts pertaining to the marijuana industry, particularly in my home state, Massachusetts. When you tally the facts and analyses the data, States that push forward have EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose. As far as the politicians that have been placed on the MA Cannabis Control Commision (CCC)...I don’t know the game plan but it’s absolutely not in favor of the people that they serve. If the decks stacked against you what are your chances of winning? Someone is cheating you, right? I’m thinking “sabotage” is putting it nicely.

CommonWealth Magazine put out this unbiased explanation of the facts. While it showcases the good and the bad, I couldn’t help but voice my opinion. Sabotage? That’s a subtle word in a volatile political field...especially in this day and age…

The Boston Herald’s Joe Battenfeld said "the loading up of the commission with opponents is another clear signal of how state political leaders are doing everything they can to stall pot sales.”

Common Sense Approach:

Fill the commission with people that know and are qualified in the direction of growing a huge industry boom for your state...

Sabotage Approach: Fill the commission with people that know nothing about the industry but actually worked against it.

They follow up with more detail in this article posted three days later...

“We’re concerned that 54% of voters voted for Question 4 but 80 % of the Cannabis Control Commission voted against it,” said Jim Borghesani, the spokesman for the ballot campaign. “It would be helpful for us to hear those reasons for why they voted no. We would like to hear each of the people who voted no explain their personal position: will in not influence their professional responsibilities to implement the will of the voters.”

Again...The Common Sense Approach:

Let’s say you're a construction company with an interest in a new project (big or small but you have a financial and a personal interest). You need a commission team for the project so you set out to build one. You interview one person that has no credentials and actually PROTESTED your project. Then you interview a person that has a ton of experience and is passionate about your project. Who do you pick for the job? Keep going, you need a team...would you hire anyone that was unqualified and had no faith in your protect???

I’d say “sabotage” is sugar coating it…

...anyone got any other words to play with?

Let's use The Common Sense Approach: in 2018 and vote NEW people into office that are educated, proactive, and want to build jobs and stimulate the economy. The marijuana industry is coming people...


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