Although my journey has been crazy, with many twists and turns...I believe I can save you some time, money, and a lot of guesswork if you start your journey here. If your fighting to take back your health then your journey will come with many ups and downs, trials and errors, rewards and disappointments. I wish I had this information when I started my journey. You should start with as many tests as you can find and one of which is a hair analysis that goes through over 300 variables. I found this amazing company simply called allergy test, it works, and the company is supportive, informative, and they actually care about your wellness. While you wait for your results you should do a detox, I’ve listed my favorite here on this page as well.

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Start with a simple and financially manageable Hair analysis

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I've tried many detox systems and my favourites are always a vitamin C flush, Herbal Tea blends, or diatomaceous earth. The choice of detox therapy depends on the detox issues and results you are looking for. In this part of the journey, I’m recommending a 30-day detox tea...why? Because you're going to need to clean out toxins from your body and then jumpstart an elimination diet once you get your hair analysis results back, this is going to be a lengthy flush, so in my opinion, a herbal tea detox is best. Your detox tea will flush and eliminate while the morning blends in my recommendation tea will provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Herbal Tea detoxing can be used as a long-term therapy, you can adjust the strength of your tea for best results.


Added note: Detox tea helps you to lose a little bit of weight as well...more if you follow a healthy diet and even more once you start the elimination portion of your journey. So get ready to challenge yourself...detox, eat healthily and drink plenty of water...because this is your month to take back your health!

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Total Detox Special


Get everything you need to jumpstart a detox and replenish your body with antioxidants and all the benefits of Matcha at one amazingly low price. 

Order your test and your tea at the same time. Within a week or more, your tea will arrive, start right away. Soon your test kit will arrive from the UK...take the test and mail it back, all the while you're still working on that detox tea...when your test results are emailed back to you start eliminating the variables that are red flagged, all the while continuing on your tea.


Two weeks out from the time you start the elimination diet you should start feeling pretty good. Some people may take longer but you've just launched a very important journey into ‘taking back your health.” If you're feeling good at the end of the 30-day detox tea great, if not you may want to order more tea. The elimination process is different for everyone and the rate you heal and start to feel better will depend on your test result.


Please contact me if you have any questions...I’m happy to share my opinion and what worked for me.


Helpful Tips:


You may feel worse before you feel better...a detox flushes toxins out of your body and into your system. Some research I've done actually says detoxing makes you sick by expelling toxins stored in your cells into your blood. It sucks but it's a good thing and an indicator you're headed in the right direction...soldier on.


Try drinking more fluids during your detox, fasting is a great way to detox but it's too invasive for me. One of the important aspects of fasting is that your digestive system gets a break. Try lots of fluids in the morning. I drink my tea, smoothies, and soups during the day. Then have a small meal for dinner between 4-6, then back to fluids. It’s my cheat method to fasting, or is it? If I'm still cutting back on heavy meals then I’m still giving my system a break without starving myself...try it and REMEMBER THE ADDED BONUS IS YOU’LL LOSE WEIGHT...this is my standard healthy habit on a daily basis. I use it because I powerpack my smoothies, tea’s, and soups with nutrient dense ingredients. When I consume them on an empty stomach during the day, I know my absorption rate is fast and I’m getting the best uptake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Feed your body as best you can...contact me for some recommended smoothies and soup ideas.